Review: Dermalogica skin regime


Over the years I’ve followed a skin regime of sorts using Nivea creams. I tried to move away from the product once and had a bad reaction.

My skin was burnt from this new range that I went back to the store asking for my money back.

With my birthday approaching, I thought that with a new year and my impending nuptials that it was time to get my skin in check.

So I asked my beauty therapist (who I regularly see for threading-Ouch!) at Sorbet for my free face mapping.

Elanor then proceeded with this bright light that bore into my skin to reveal every imperfection about my skin.

After recognising the areas of concern, my beauty therapist recommended the necessary products to combat sensitivity and congestion- better known as pesky black heads.

The Dermalogica products are initially pricey to start off with, I nearly grasped when I saw the total price at the end.


However I fully committed myself to the product and I love it. In just under two weeks I see that my skin is clearer and brighter. Even my fiancé noticed the difference with my skin.

I thought maybe that he was just being nice to me but my beauty therapist confirmed the difference in my skin when she did the Dermalogica Skin Treatment, better known to everyone as a facial.

It was my very first facial actually and I had no clue what to expect. After all the washing, treating, massaging steaming and let me not forget about the extraction. I walked out feeling that I have a brand new face. So much so that I didn’t want to even put make-up on.

I think that Dermalogica is an excellent product as I see and feel the results. It is an easy product to use every day and doesn’t feel like a heavy product clogging up my face.

Before purchasing any products, book a free face mapping with Sorbet beauty therapist so that the correct product can be chosen for your specific needs.

Do you follow a skin regime like Dermalogica?
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