Wednesday Want: Love Bracelet

Last year I spotted the Cartier Love bracelet on the wrist of Kourtney Kardashian. I should have known better than to want a Cartier bracelet.

Alas almost a year later and I’m still lusting over the said item.

Why do I want it? It’s simple and sophisticated bracelet and I also love Cartier’s policy on purchasing it.

According to their site, no one can buy the Love Bracelet for themselves but rather the person as who loves them. Very sweet!

Cartier love Bracelet

Cartier Love Bracelet
Cartier Love Bracelet

The last time I checked, the price tag sat a little price of $6350 dollars for the featured Rose Gold Love Bracelet.

Convert that into South African Rands and the little price balloons to over R68 000…

Luckily for me I’ve spotted a few alternatives to nip my love for the Cartier Bracelet.

Georgini Candy Quote bangles

Georgini Candy Bangle in white retails for R899.
Georgini Candy Bangle in white retails for R899.

The Georgini Candy Quote Bangles come in an array of colours and two styles. Each bangle has a quote engraved inside. The bangles retails from R699 to R899.

Fossil Jewellery

Dainty Dot bangle in rose gold
Dainty Dot bangle in rose gold retails for R699

Fossil Jewellery is the closest range I’ve found that resembles the Cartier love Bracelet. The Dainty Dot Bangle in Rose Gold fits the bill.

What thing has caught your eye this Wednesday?
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