Welcome to Hearts in Her Shoes! 

The name Hearts in Her Shoes was born out of the concept of writing.  As I wrote stories, I always believed that I poured a personal side of me out.  Almost putting a little piece of my heart out there wherever I went hence the name, Hearts in Her Shoes.

The theme and logo of the geometric heart continued this. The geometric heart was first used as my wedding logo and I loved the symbolism behind it.

A passion, a love is connected with many facets therefore showing the numerous things that connects my heart.  While my site grew so did the facets, now as a mother it multiplied infinitely. My blog focuses on four core themes namely, fashion, lifestyle, family and health.

It was  an obsession with fashion drove the desire to open an online store. My daughter, Adriana and my craving for baby clothing unlike others pushed me to start this exclusive designer range. A range fuelled with love.

I love the monochromatic look which I find is often lacking in girls’ clothing departments. So with love and monochromes, the range was born.

Have a look around, I’m sure you’ll find something to fit your tastes.


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