Flutter those lashes


As with many girls, there is something about beautiful full lashes that completes a look.

I for one don’t have short stubby lashes, they are long but with some mascara I’m happy how it makes my eyes pop after a few applications of mascara.

However morning make-up runs is a rush, often I put mascara on while I’m getting into my car, so not cool! Then the mascara goes M.I.A and I can’t find it the next day.

I decided that the fight and search for mascara could come to a halt as I looked into lash extensions.

It wouldn’t be my first researching lashes as I had a unfortunate situation three years ago where I didn’t do my research and thought of finding a great deal on lashes was the way to go. Needless to say I lost almost half my lashes to the unqualified cheap alternative, it was my own fault. You get what you pay for.

This time I contacted Monique Pappas, the gorgeous make-up whiz whom I’ve known for some time and did my make-up for my wedding.  She’s a pro with lash extensions and knew I was good capable hands.  She does the lash application at Spoilt Inc in Bedfordview.

Baring in mind, lashes are applied individually so it’s not a rushed job by any means. So make sure you’ve allocated at least 2 hours of your day.

Once I lay on the bed, Monique cleaned my eyes off and removed any make-up  residue.  She then placed a soft cotton cushion under each eye,  to secure the working space.

Monique used Xtreme Lashes which is applied with a bonding glue to your natural lashes. It is gentle and does not damage your own lashes in the process.

I was amazed at the results after I opened my eyes. There was a distinct difference as the lashes made my eyes pop.

IMG_4800The lashes aren’t heavy nor irritating like some eyelash strips . With the correct care, the lash extensions are expected to last for a month before a refill is needed.

I’ve had the lashes on now for 3 weeks and it’s been a breeze.  Some days I don’t bother wearing much make-up as the lashes are more than enough for a lazy day.

Now there’s no more search parties for my rogue mascara wand.

Contact Monique at Spoilt Inc at 011 450 1322 for a price list regarding all your lash needs.


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