Paint and pout those lips!

My lipstick collection is slowly coming along. Every time I walk past the MAC counter at Edgars or their stand alone stores, I can’t tear my eyes away from the rows of colour. I think to myself, “just one more lipstick wouldn’t hurt”.

You see I’m a MAC girl through and through. I love the longevity of their products and feel of it that I don’t bother to sample other products.

At this moment I find myself carrying these three lipsticks in my handbag. I decide the colour depending on my mood or clothes.

From left to right: Viva Glam Rihanna Lipstick, R185; Girl About Town lipstick, R195 and Angel , R195.
From left to right: Viva Glam Rihanna Lipstick, R185; Girl About Town lipstick, R195 and Angel , R195.

Not everyone is a huge fan of lipstick though. I think some women find wearing a bold lipstick is a bit out of their comfort zone.

Even my mom won’t dare wear a eye-popping colour lipstick.

When I wear red lipstick, she waffles on ” In my day, the only girls who wore red lipstick were harlots”. I then correct her that I’m not a prostitute and she jokily says “Oh you know what  I mean, those girls who dance cabaret”.

Regardless of her aversion to red lipstick because of old school stereotypes, I do love a great red lipstick.

My recent purchase was the Viva Glam Rihanna Lipstick after having my make-up done for the Engagement shoot.

The lipstick glides on your lips smoothly and after a while didn’t leave marks all over my coffee mug or my fiancé for that matter.

“What’s in a lipstick? “, you ask lipstick virgins.

Well it can change your look if you’re in need of a change in your make-up routine. I love using a bold lipstick especially when I wear dark clothing, it makes my lips stand out.

For my hazel yet not terribly noticeable eye colour, a bold lip colour helps my eyes stand out. So #winning in that sense but all boring eye colours aside, I do enjoy being a preened glamour queen sometimes and a lipstick always finishing the look.

Are you a lipstick virgin or do harlot stereotypes like my mom keep you away from using a bold lip colour? (The harlot reference kills me every time)

So share your favourite lipstick colours or lipstick truths with me.

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