Threading hairy issues

[dropcap custom_class=”normal”] I [/dropcap]  firmly believe without a doubt that us as women really drew the short end of the stick in the Garden of Eden pertaining to the beauty department.

Perhaps it wasn’t the will of God but some man who decided that women need to pluck, wax, shave and  thread their bodily hair…

Hey, I’m not complaining about it the hairless movement to be precise. I’m no fan of hairy armpits and legs either.

However my hairy dilemma doesn’t end there and moves to my face, thanks to my supposed pure Madeiran genes. This allows my eyebrow (hence monobrow) to join my hairline.

An eyebrow connected to your head of hair, will never be a look that will catch on in beauty circles.

Adding in a little mustache to the mix (yes, I’m Portuguese I blame it on the women in my family). I am a beauty therapist’s best client.

My issue is the pain connected to the facial hair problem…

I started waxing my face since I was 12 and have even since continued this hairless journey.

I moved on from facial waxing due to the damage it can led to such as scarring and pigmentation.

A few years ago during my fashion internship at Marie Claire, I was curiously pushed into trying threading at an event.

They always say you remember your first time… I can remember it like it was yesterday.

That was the longest session of my life.

F@#$ it hurt! (Go to threading and you’ll swear too).

But the results…


I was fascinated at how clean of facial hair my face looked. The incredible smoothness that was once invaded by a forest of hair, all gone.

I was hooked to the aftereffects that I found my calling for the perfect eyebrows with threading.

It’s been three years since my first time… and I no longer have to go as frequently as the hair has slowly grown redundant. Except my the mono-brow part, it’s still fighting a war with me.

Anyway as I lie on my beauty therapist’s bed every 6 weeks, I tell myself “This will be easy, I’ve been here so often”.

Then the cotton is set against my skin and I can feel the hairs being pulled out with the tug of the thread.

“F@#$ me that hurt” I think to myself.

I try to look calm on the bed while on the inside, I’ve punched the poor beauty therapist just as she bends over to work the thread. It does hurt and whoever said threading doesn’t hurt is lying.

Waxing is a quick pull of the wax and ta-dah! Threading isn’t like that.

10 minutes after she is done her act of deforestation and I’m done gritting my teeth.

I look in the mirror and am mesmerized by the baby smooth surrounding my face…

So much so that I have amnesia (again) of the latest episode of threading.

I thank my beauty therapist* sincerely as I love my smooth hairless face.

Thank God she can’t read my mind. Otherwise she would never book my next appointment and I would look like the Addams Family’s hairy cousin, It.

*Disclaimer: No beauty therapist has been harmed during threading by this author. She loves her too dearly for making her eyebrows beautiful.


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