Father’s Day Gift Guide

You might have forgotten but Sunday 15 June is Father’s Day.

I was reminded as I walked through the shopping mall on the weekend and saw the cheesy gifts reminding me of the holiday.

As much of a hallmark holiday it is, I do think it’s a great way to show your appreciation to your dad on a special day.

My hurdle for Father’s Day is the gift. Every year my sister and I are stumped on what to do for my dad.

Getting him a gift that he’d like is no easy task.

Perhaps the Father’s Day gift guide will help ease the task this year.

What would suit your dad best?
What would suit your dad best?

1. Fleece gown, R425. Woolworths

2. Helicopter, R700. Mantality

3. iPad Mini with Retina Display in grey, R5220. Kalahari

4. Sony Digital Frame, R1558. Kalahari

5. Pringle Wallet, R599. Spree.

6. Fossil leather automatic watch, R2999. Fossil.

7. Racing Car Tin filled Crème Caramels, R89.95. Woolworths

As my dad loves to tell us, “Let me guess what you buying me… a photo frame with a picture of yourself”.

I guess that works too.

How are you spoiling your dad this Father’s Day?

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