5 Winter Beauty Items You Need

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Chapped lips and dry scaly skin need not be your staple beauty look this winter. With the change in the temperature and harsher conditions, your regular beauty products just can’t keep up with the weather.
Changing up your beauty regime with these basic beauty products will help carry your skin through the winter months with ease.

Intensive moisturizer 

Swap your moisturizer out for a richer cream as your face tends to be drier. With extra moisture it’ll help keep your face supple.

Try Dermalogica’s Intensive Moisture Balance. It’s a ultra rich oxidants properties combats dryness and helps smooth fine lines.


Shower creams 
Soaps can strip your body of its natural oils which leads to dry skin sensitive skin. Opt for a shower cream that will help nourish  and smooth your skin.
Try Nivea’s new Irresistibly Smooth shower cream. It locks in the moisture for your dry, tired skin.


Body oil 
Skimping on after bath body creams and oils will led to your skin drying out. Don’t neglect your skin because you’re hiding it under layers of clothing.  Treat it with a body oil that will smooth scaly skin and keep your skin supple.
Try the Lipidol After Shower Oil, it’s free from fragrances and is suitably for sensitive skins.


Hair oil
Treating your mane is a priority as you use your hair dryer  more in winter. This will cause damage to your hair as it becomes dry and brittle. Nourish your hair with a hair oil that will curb damage and split ends.
Try Hask: Macadamia Oil as it hydrates and protects your locks from the elements.
Lip service 
Cracked lips look far from kissable. Adding lipstick on top of that, is a bad look. Opt for lipsticks that have moisturizing properties so that you need not forgo your favourite  colour this winter.
Try Clinique’s Pop Lip Colour + Primer for a longlasting lip colour that will keep your lips in tip top condition.


With these beauty items say goodbye to dry skin and hair and hello to a beautiful you!