To my darling: Month 4

Photo by: Jenna-Leigh Storey
Photo by: Jenna-Leigh Storey

To my darling Adriana,

Happy 4 Months to you my gorgeous baby! So you’ve been a busy little thing lately, maybe because this mama is getting the hang of it.

You actually attended your first wedding. You dressed the part in your little black dress and looked adorable as ever. What made the wedding extra special was that it was hosted at Oakfield Farm. The last time we were there, you were a star in the heavens while your papa and I said our vows. It brought back such beautiful memories as we reminisced about our wedding day. It’s the black and white photos you love to look at in our dining room.

We’ve also been attending a Mommy and Baby class every Friday for about a month now. I’m not sure who loves it more, you or mama? You, as you coo and “talk” until you want your bottle and stare at your cousin Lorena… Or mama who talks non-stop to your Tia Nats. Either way, we’re both having fun and that is what’s important, as long as you and I have fun baby girl.

For a little baba, you’re already accustomed to the camera. You and Lorena had a cousin photo shoot and it was too cute! You pulled so many faces while Lorena played the part of Sleeping Beauty. Definitely a beautiful memory shared!

You have kept me busy while you continue to discover new things. At the moment, you are fascinated with your hands! You laugh as I try to pull your hand out of your mouth for the millionth time and often mumble while doing so.

You love feeling things! The way you grasp you little fingers around an object and stare at it intently, perhaps debating whether you can put it in your mouth. You also just started eating solids. You weren’t  enthusiastic about the taste once it touched your lips.

From blowing spit bubbles, to rolling over and trying to sit up, I never thought that you’d do so much so quickly that my mind would struggle to catch up with you baby girl.

Every time you wiggle and want to “sit up like a big girl”, it does ache a little bit to think “Where is baby girl going?”; “She’s growing too fast!”. Forgive me for not knowing any better as this is as new to me as it is to you.

That is why I do try my hardest to remember your baby scent every time I smell your head as I’m scared that I’ll forget the smell once it disappears.

I also struggle to put you to bed. Once sleep catches you, you rest your tiny hand against my chest. I just sit with you sleeping in my arms for a couple of extra minutes, while I study your scent and your face for I know you’ll be older in the morning.

Don’t grow too fast my baby girl but if you do, I’ll be right there.

I love you my darling <3



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