To My Darling: Month 8

Photo by Jenna-Leigh Storey Photography. Outfit by Lullaby Rocks available at Kids Emporium Boksburg.

To my darling Adriana,

Where are you going so quickly madam? As I look back at my monthly letters to you, this picture here, you look like a little girl to me. It has me wondering where has my baby girl gone.

Now you are an inquisitive little mind who is on the go all day. You are on your tummy every chance you get so I’ve had to practise my “spidey senses” to make sure you’re safe. You haven’t crawled yet according to your daddy because you went backwards instead of forwards. But you are slowly getting the hang of putting your hands on the ground and moving them. Soon you’ll be crawling all over the house that I’m already thinking about what needs to be moved. So I’ll be baby proofing the house.

Busy as you are, sleep is clearly for the birds in your books. During the day you fight sleep as if it’s you’re enemy while I’d welcome it with open arms.  We’ve had some bumpy nights as more  teeth continue to sprout. Oh how I wish it would gently sprout out as you  I can see how much pain you are in. You’re not a very good teether my dear. At the moment you have your bottom two front teeth as well as your two top incisors peeking out like a little vampire!  I think you want to show off your new fangs that you love biting me. Every bite is soon followed by the cheekiest smile.

I must tell you about your expression the first time I put these white shoes (pictured) on you for a family outing. You were amazed and completely taken by them that you kept looking at your feet. It was the sweetest thing! You are really my baby doll girl.

You love it when I nibble on your feet, arms and back. How can I not do that? You’re too gorgeous to resist. Your giggle fills the room up and my heart when I do.

You continue to amaze me with everything you do.

All these little things make me love being your mommy and more.

I love you my darling <3


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