To My Darling: Month 11

To my darling: Month 11 by Nikita Camacho and Jenna-Leigh Storey
Photo by: Jenna-Leigh Storey Photography. Styled by Mommy. Outfit by Candy Floss Clouds available from Full of Beans Boutique.

To my darling Adriana,

Month 11 is here already. Just a month away from your first birthday which I’m excited about. We’ll have to practise blowing out a candle before the big day. As much as I’m excited, I’m heartsore at how fast these past 11 months have blinked by.

Can’t I press pause on the remote of life, just to enjoy your baby innocence a little longer?

My darling, you have blossomed into a gorgeous little girl. As I push you in your stroller while we’re out and about, I watch you watching the people around you. Your crinkly brown eyes curious as you watch. I’d love to know what you’re actually thinking.

“What do you think about the world?”

“What are you really thinking, please don’t say nothing like your father”

“Are you happy that I’m your mommy?”

“Do you really love cheese that much?”

You have some time before you start stringing sentences together, I won’t bombard you just yet with my questions.

Although now we do have “conversations”, you gesture to me. You babble so much to me that I listen intently and interject with “yes”, “and then what happened”. You happily tell me your stories with your own vocabulary which I love.

Another thing we haven’t spoken about before is your pre-bath time ritual. Instead of undressing in your room, it happens in mama and papa’s room. First you crawl and roll all over the bed (under both of our supervision of course, safety first!). You smile and giggle in delight as we take turns trying to “catch you”. I can imagine how big our bed must seem to you. You climb over the pillows, play peek-a-boo, and squeal until you’re left with just your nappy on. We’ve learnt a few times what happens when we’ve carried you to the bathroom “sans nappy”.

The giggly girl in the bath flashing her bright smile is a far cry from how far we have come together. You’ve already taken your first steps. I think I scared you off the first time you tried because I was too excited and called your father to come look. You’re a girl on a mission and nothing deters you. Then you did it, you took three steps and then fell into my arms. I could see how proud your Daddy was, I’m sure I saw a glisten in his eyes.

My baby girl never stop your missions, whether it’s climbing pillow forts or mountains in future, both Daddy and I will always be behind you.

I love you forever and a day.

Mama <3


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One thought on “To My Darling: Month 11

  1. So beautiful 😍 I could feel every emotion you were feeling when you wrote this letter ❤️You are both excellent parents to Adrianna she is lucky to have you ❤️

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