To My Darling: Month 12

To my darling,

Happy first birthday my sweet little princess. This past year with you has flown by so quickly, that my mind fails to comprehend how we got here. From those early days when we were so unfamiliar with each other to now understanding your babbling words.

Adriana, when I look at you I no longer see the round cherub cheeks of a baby. Now you look grown up, a little girl smiling at me with her toothy grin and smiley eyes!  A real mischievous look just like your father.

You’ve already taken your first steps and are walking around the house. You love walking around the house in just your nappy just before bath time. I didn’t think you’d be walking by your birthday but here we are.

Never have I been this excited about a birthday! In celebration, we had a Smash the Cake photo shoot and threw you a birthday party with our family and friends.

A mermaid theme party, with delicious treats and yummy eats. It was the best party to celebrate you my darling. To celebrate the joy that you’ve brought into our lives. I couldn’t feel any prouder when we all sang Happy Birthday to you. The way you were mesmerised by our guests and just that everyone was happy celebrating you!

You had such a great time at your party, you didn’t want to miss a thing.

At such a young age, I can see the warmth you have for others. You have grown to be such a gentle, sweet soul smiling and waving to everyone everywhere we go. Even the grumpiest person cannot ignore you and always waves back!

You are the cuddliest baby, you love to give love. You often put your head on my lap or snuggle up as someone gives you hug.

One of your favourite things to say is, “Wow! Oh wow”. You often look at something in awe and wonderment and utter these words. It is an incredible gift to see the world through your eyes and that you have this sense of wonderment. I believe it’s a big lesson for me, to see the “Wow! Oh wow” moments in life. Don’t ever lose that my baby girl!  The world needs your light! For light can be added to darkness but darkness can never be added to light. Remember that.

My darling, I love you! I love you more than you will ever comprehend. The enormity of our love for you exceeds all measures. Know that as your parents, we will move mountains and more for you.

Never doubt who you are, a child of God fearfully and wonderfully made. Life may have it’s bumps and dips but the good times will outweigh the bad times. The bad times will always be lessons.

Carry faith in your heart, let it burn bright! Don’t stress about the future. Just as it is written in Jeremiah 29:11, “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” This was something I always battled with and still do sometimes, so listen to me and live in the present.

Remember you will never be alone, we’ll always be at your sides and will be loving always.

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I love you forever and a day!

Mama <3

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