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Starting a new chapter into parenthood has its joys. It is a momentous occasion for a family.

From the first time you hear the baby’s heartbeat to the anticipation of the baby’s arrival, it is a  journey filled with love and happiness.

Preparing your home for the baby’s arrival should emulate the beginning of a beautiful chapter.

Ninho, a specialised decor service is focused on creating a warm and beautiful space for your bundle of joy. Mothers-to-be need not stress with the help of Ninho to interpret and create dreamy nurseries. A safe haven made for the most precious arrival in your home.

If you are unsure of where to begin, Ninho will assist you every step of the way with a tailor-made plan to suit your style and needs.

Packages are readily available with a variety of options:


Ninho Pequena

This option is optimal for a mother who is looking for a little guidance on how to create that special nursery or add some finishing touches. A consultation via email or telephone is the right way forward to get the right advice you’re looking for to complete your project.  Ninho will  create a custom inspiration board, floor plan and design notes.  In addition, the Ninho Pequena  package will allow you to effortlessly purchase the suggested custom made products  from Ninho and create the dream room for  your child.

Ninho Grande

If you’re unsure of where to start, Ninho Grande is a full service package taking all the stress off the parents. The package starts from the concept of design for the little one’s room to every last detail of completing the design. This includes  the full design concept; in-home meetings to discuss your dream nursery; sourcing products; using custom made Ninho products including furniture, wall art and linen to turn your dream nursery into a reality.

Ninho Surpresa

For the more adventurous parents-to-be, the Ninho Surpresa package will do all the work for the baby’s nursery without revealing the gender of the baby.  Ninho designs two complete nurseries with you to suit the genders and will do the selected room once the gender is confirmed by the doctor. Your doctor’s appointment should be scheduled shortly after your consultation with Ninho, at which time you will give your doctor permission to reveal the baby’s gender to the designers via mail, phone or email.  The gender appropriate nursery will be installed behind locked doors, keeping every detail a secret until you have a Gender Reveal Party or bring baby home from the hospital!

Create the beautiful beginning for your baby with the specialised help of Ninho. With their guidance and services, every dream nursery is possible with their expertise.

Ninho officially launches Thursday 31 March. Contact Ninho to begin your journey for a beautiful safe haven for your baby.

For more information and pricing, email and visit  Ninho at

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