Welcome to the world


    We were up early and waiting for our turn in theatre. Daddy wanted one last pic with you as a bump.

Two weeks ago to the day,  a few minutes to 10:00, I heard my gynae say “Here we go, get your camera ready”. I was spread-eagle  with my legs tied together on the operating table with my view obscured by the blue sheeting. I looked up at your daddy as he stood with the camera in hand to catch the moment you entered this world at 10:00 on Tuesday 21 June 2016.

It felt surreal that I could feel you occupying my body space and in an instant, a vacuum of emptiness coursed through my body as the doctor pulled you out.

I could hear the sheer joy and admiration in your daddy’s voice as he said “She’s perfect”.

That moment in time, it felt like the world stood still for just a minute.

I just kept thinking and asking “Is she fine?”. I was waiting and then I heard the crying gurgle escaping your little lungs.

Daddy kept reassuring me as the medical team showed you to me over the blue screen for two seconds and they whisked you off to clean you up and do the Apgar Score.

After that, we took our first picture as a family. I was shocked that you had so much hair!


Nobody tells you how awkward it is to smile for a photo when you’re lying on a table. I don’t know how supermodels do it.

While I was being cleaned and stitched up, the paediatrician moved you to the nursery to weigh and measure you. Daddy was right behind to see that you were fine.

After I was ready to be moved from the theatre room to the recovery room to have my vitals monitored for a couple of minutes (I have no idea how long it really was as the concept of time was warped), the doctors moved my legs and I looked down but felt absolutely nothing and supposedly felt my legs were dead straight. It was freaky!

After chatting away to the nurse in the recovery room as she checked my vitals, I was wheeled back to the maternity ward where your grandparents were waiting. To say I was 100 percent functional is a lie, as the drugs made me feel as I was in a tunnel and everyone’s voices seemed far away.

With all the congratulations and well wishes, I desperately wanted to sleep off the spinal then tackle the fact that our family now included you.

However with excited grandparents in the room, too many emotions running through my head sleep became a distant memory replaced by  interval naps while I tried to wrap my mind around you.

After being with your daddy for almost 11 years now, it’s surreal to think that you are in our lives now and it is forever changed for the better.

A real proud papa and my number one supporter!
Being exhausted, never looked this good!

With the rest of our lives in front of us as a family, all I have to say is welcome to the world, Adriana Sienna Teixeira.

We are besotted with you and look forward to every moment spent with you! We love you beyond measure!

The purest love of them all.


*As I juggle mamahood, nappies and all, please bear with me as blogging will take a little more time than usual.  

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10 thoughts on “Welcome to the world

  1. Jarred and Nikita you are going to be the best parents ever. … life will never be the same, only better…. ❤

  2. Adriana is absolutely gorgeous!!!! I can’t wait to meet her!!!! Congratulations Nikita and Jarred!!

  3. Only angels are born on this day, I’m so happy to share my birthday with your angel. Just let her know she’s one of those who will be stuck between two star signs like me lol. Beautiful Nikita!

    1. Thank you Lindo 🙂 It’s also winter solstice for us. A real special day indeed.

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