To intern or not to intern?

desk internGraduating from university is an exciting yet daunting chapter in your life.

The late night hours of studying are done with. The stress of writing exams and assignments are over with.

But what do you do next?

It’s scary to hear that many students graduate from uni and just can’t land a job!

The reason for this, no experience in the field.

Before you whine, “How can I get experience if I’m not qualified?” hear me out about internship.

Try, try and try again!

Landing an internship can be hard to get by, but persistence does pay off. Before I started my first paid job I gathered experience from four well-known magazines.

Some of it was experience over my holiday break to even a 6 month unpaid internship.

Don’t expect anything!

Remember that you are an intern and that you are there to gain experience. So get rid of the attitude and roll up your sleeves for some hard work.

I interned in the fashion department and packed many, many boxes! Picked up coffee, did photocopies, sent emails… the list is endless.  It was one of the best internships I did.

“Did you say, ‘Peanuts’…”

Very, very few internships are paid. Some will give you a measly pay that barely covers a tank of petrol and reimburse you some of your petrol. There might be a few moths in your purse!

To be honest, the experience and the people you will meet cannot be priced. For it is a huge step in the door for your career and the peanuts you get now will only grow.

Start talking

In the age of smartphones, people very easily hide behind a screen. Whether its for messaging or emails. Learn to network and pick up the damn phone and call the person you need to call for your boss.

Phone etiquette is something that you’ll always  need. Plus it’s easier to forge a relationship with a client with a friendly phone call than waiting for an email.

Create your portfolio

An internship is there to help you gain experience. Try make the most of it while using it to create your own portfolio. This will come in handy when applying for jobs. You can share what you’ve done and how you’ve taken the opportunity to make it your own.

I interned in a fashion department, but I made damn sure that I wrote as many fashion articles for the magazine’s website. I would often bug the digital editor to publish my articles. It worked as it helped me with my writing portfolio.

Remember that an internship may seem pointless if you’re chasing money and you will battle to get your dream job. Internships are always an invaluable experience, it helps you become the person you want to be with a career that you are proud of.

Never underestimate it and work hard!

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