The Letter “P”: Nesting freak outs!


Europe’s Final Countdown playing in my head as I hit the 28 weeks mark. (Now you’ll be singing it too!)

Although it doesn’t sound like much to a person who hasn’t experienced pregnancy, I’m looking at the weeks that are left… 12 weeks to be exact!

What I find scary is that 12 weeks may seem long but to me that’s as long as a new fitness programme, which isn’t THAT long.

Before I freak out about the time I have left, the ball is rolling at least for Baby Texi’s arrival with the start of the nursery.

We’ve been house-hunting for the past 10 -11 months now and thought we’d be elsewhere when the baby arrives. I’ve lost count how many houses I’ve looked at. So for now, our two bedroom place will suffice and I made peace of packing up my study to transform it into a nursery.

The nursery has been painted, while furniture has been ordered. The whole process of  nesting is a real thing, as my mind as gone into overdrive to clean and tidy every speck around the house. I’m sure my domestic worker is hating me too when she comes twice a week.

Popped Buttons

Source: The Happy Flammily

Now into my seventh month of pregnancy, getting dressed is becoming a challenge especially with skinny jeans. Looking like I swallowed a soccer ball, the button on my jeans no longer buttons… On to more creative ways to dressing.

Whilst feeling conscious of this fact, I found myself deeply offended by a  random stranger in a clothing store. We were both at the till points and he struck up a conversation as I turned and he saw my “soccer ball”. “Congratulations on the baby. How far along are you?” I responded and he then replied “Oh wow, you definitely having a big baby.”

Seriously?! WTF did this random guy know about the supposed “acceptable” sizes of bumps?

In short, nothing because he’s a guy.

So I just smiled and left the conversation as quickly as I could without batting my eyes.

Until he grows a uterus and can fall pregnant, is the day I pay attention.

Hello, it’s me!

Regardless of silly comments, one of the many things I’ve been looking forward to is the 4D scan!

My monthly scans so far have been amazing as we’ve seen Baby Texi stick out her tongue, yawn and kick up a fuss.  She’s a busy body!

So now at 28 weeks, we’re excited to do our 4D scan this week and see more.

I even booked the appointment early in the morning so I don’t have to spend much of the day eagerly watching the clock.

It’s amazing how much into the womb doctors’ can see than the scans our mothers had done during their pregnancies.





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