To My Darling: Month 10

Styled by: Nikita Camacho Onesie by Work.of.Heart. Skirt by Lullaby Rocks Photograph by Jenna-Leigh Storey Photography.


To my darling Adriana,

I can’t help but smile and giggle at this photo of you. Either it’s a cute warning face of things to come or it matches my “oh my word you are 10 months old” face.   I look at you as you speed off crawling and think of Dr Seuss’ Oh the Places You’ll Go.  My darling this is only the beginning of your adventure.

You set your mind to a task and push boundaries to see how far you can get. Whether it’s opening drawers or cupboards, I have to keep a watchful eye over you always.

You’ve discovered the washing machine and reach out on you tippy toes to touch the buttons. The way you hold the armed chair to climb the step standing is impressive. There are so many things that you do that I can’t keep up.

You’ve had to learn what no means and aren’t particularly fond of the word. In response you scrunch up your face and moan at the command. But it is all forgotten once you’ve moved to the next thing of interest.

I can’t describe how much love we have for you. The way you wiggle your nappy bum in tune of the music and that gorgeous mischievous grin you flash over your shoulder as if checking to see if we’re watching you. We’re watching you alright, watching you morph into a little girl. Your chubbiness slowly melting away as your limbs take shape. A little girl with a beautiful smile as you flash your teeth.

You officially said your first word, “Tia” (which is Aunt in Portuguese). At Easter lunch, my sister walked outside, you stared at her, pointed and said “Tia”.  Since that day the words are tumbling out like “Daddy” and  even “Bye Bye” at the end of FaceTime calls. I guess you’re saving  the best word for last, mama.

So as you wave in your tenth month with your chubby fingers, I want to savour every inch of you as this journey of journaling you monthly has flown by.

Just remember I will be loving you every minute of every day.

I love you my darling <3



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