To my darling: Month 1

Adriana 1 month edited

To my darling Adriana,

Happy 1 Month to you! I must say that it has gone by so quickly! I can’t believe you finally arrived.  It has  been surreal to wrap my mind around the reality that you are now in our lives. It’s strange to think that we lived a life before your arrival. Now I can’t imagine not having you around.

Your birth was an amazing experience that I cannot complain about. I must tell you a secret that I haven’t told anyone. The first night in hospital, the nurses keep the precious babies in the nursery so the new mothers can sleep and recover from the delivery. I couldn’t sleep as much as my body craved the sweet slumber. The electricity went off in the hospital, and I panicked about you. The back-up generators went on and I kept thinking what you were doing… Silly of me, it’s not like you were running around, you were a less than 12 hours old! You were safe in your plastic cot as the watchful nurses kept an eye on you.

Being cocooned in the maternity ward for a few days, it felt weird to leave the hospital and take you home. That car journey home wasn’t much fun as I realised how impractical my Mini Cooper had become for our family. I never realised how low on the ground the car was.

Family and friends poured into our home to soak up your arrival into our family. Everyone was excited to meet you as the first grandchild in the family. So you can imagine how giddy your grandparents behaved.

With every moment being so precious, we had to capture it with a newborn shoot. My dear friend and your Aunty Jen came over when you were just 10 days old to snap pictures of us in awe of your beauty and all too good baby scent. We laughed, smiled and cried tears of joy as you put on quite the show for us for your newborn shoot. 

In your first month, your papa and I managed to settle on a routine on how to bath and feed you.  We eventually got the sleeping pattern right. So far it’s working as we work well together as a team. Like all of us, you’re not a fan of the cold weather so while undressing you, you’re not shy to tell us how you feel about it but once you’re in your little bathtub, you love the water! You float while papa tenderly holds you safe in his hands. It swells my heart to see how besotted papa is with you and you with him.

Dressing you in your newborn onesies is precious and did make me cry on a few occasions.  Between sleep depravation and haywire emotions, I cried while papa dressed you. He was puzzled on why I was crying and replied, “I want to keep her small forever”. My darling as silly as it sounds, you’ll understand it one day too. It’s scary to see how quickly you grow up before our eyes. I promise I don’t cry every time we dress you. I learned that there’s a stage for everything and that I must just make those tender kisses on your tiny hands and feet longer as I try to etch your sweet baby smell to my memory.

Can’t wait to see what the next month has in store for us!

I love you my darling <3







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  1. Wow Nikita you sure have a way with words the tears of joy and memories just flowed as I recall my children’s births! Congrats and enjoy every moment of motherhood it’s so special and a privilege to be a parent !

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