To My Darling: Month 9

Styled by Nikita Camacho. Aztec romper from Kids Emporium Boksburg. Photograph by Jenna-Leigh Storey Photography.

To my darling Adriana,

My “wild child” bubbling over with happiness. You are now free! When I say free, I mean you are free to crawl wherever your little heart pleases.

The dogs have now warmed up to the idea that you are a moving little person. They are always nearby looking over you or waiting for you to throw down a snack. While we play Hide and Go Seek with the dogs’ water bowl as I try to deter you from emptying the bowl.

You’re never far away from me, when you’ve realised I’ve walked away. You eagerly crawl to me, hold my legs and pull yourself up with your chubby face staring up at me. It’s the cutest thing!

You have the stealth of a little ninja. One second you’re playing on the floor having a big “conversation” as I listen intently, the next second you have moved across your play mat and are standing by the coffee table. There is no stopping you!

I love how you’re growing up. As much as it’s a first for you, you are my first baba and it’s a first for me to experience new milestones through your eyes. To watch the pure joy beaming from your eyes when you discovered what a kiss was. I don’t know who was more excited? You or your Papa. I love those slobby wet kisses which you often follow  with a round of applause. You love clapping!

One of the cutest things is how you discovered how to give a high-five. You had you hand up to my optometrist and the high-fives began. Now you even do it to the cashiers in stores. It’s just something terribly sweet about you.

As independent as you are becoming, you are growing away from me, I’ve noticed how you nudge my hands off you when you don’t want me to touch. I know that when you start walking it will only push you further into becoming an independent madam. It’s a little heartsore as now I’ve finally become accustomed to your dependence on me for everything and then things changed. Whereas now I’m your comfy spot to lie on as you drink your bottle without my help. You refuse to be spoon-fed and want finger foods instead. Just as I’m getting the hang of something, it changes,

I savour as much as I can with you. I love having you fall asleep in my arms. I just stare, completely mesmerised with your beauty. Your long lashes that catch dreams as the  sandman puts you to sleep.

For a sleeping baby is a growing baby. Slow down my child, let my heart play catch-up.

Remember I love you!

I love you my darling <3


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