Cool for the summer with Skechers

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Multi-platinum selling recording artist and actress Demi Lovato delivers a knockout performance as the face of Skechers women’s footwear.

The sneak preview shows the Cool for the Summer singer showing the latest Skechers range.

Demi sat down with the brand to talk about her role as part of Skechers global campaign.

SKECHERS: How does it feel to be the face of Skechers in a global campaign that resonates with so many people in different countries around the world?

Demi: Being the face of Skechers, a company that is not only a huge global brand, but a brand that I actually love to wear daily–whether it is working out, traveling, running errands–is really great!

It’s incredible to see my Skechers campaign at every new tour stop here in the U.S. and around the world. It never gets old!

SKECHERS: Besides being an incredibly hot song, in the video Cool for the Summer you seem to be even more confident in who you are.

Did you feel that in the making of it or was there an ‘ah-ha’ moment when you… felt it?

Demi Lovato -1

Demi: I have been working on myself for the past year and would really dedicate all of my free time to bettering myself and not just physically but mentally as well.

Part of that journey was working out and eating healthy and learning how to truly embrace a full lifestyle change. So when it was time to make the music video for Cool for the Summer, I felt more confident than I have ever felt before.

I felt like I was taking off that layer of insecurity and just facing my fears. Being able to show more skin in my video was a breakthrough for me, for sure.

SKECHERS: How were you able to focus on that healthy lifestyle within everything that you have going on in your life to make that a priority?

Demi Lovato -2

Demi: Making a healthy lifestyle a priority with my busy schedule is actually really easy. I do treat myself here and there, but for the  most part I feel better when I eat healthy.

I feel better when I’m busy and exercising at the same time because I have more energy when I work out and eat healthy, so for me it’s essential. It’s not only something that is a priority because it’s just good to do; it’s actually a huge part of touring and staying fit.

SKECHERS: You signed with Skechers a year ago so you must have a lot of pairs in your closet right now.

What do you love about Skechers Memory Foam?

Demi: I have a ridiculous amount of Skechers in my closet. They are super comfy! While touring, I walk through a lot of airports which can get super exhausting and hurt my feet. Not good when I have to be ready to perform on stage in heels that night. Skechers Memory Foam is the perfect break!

Demi Lovato -3

SKECHERS: So tell us about your upcoming album, Confident, and how this music will be different, if you can say anything now.

Demi: The music is very different. In the past I knew who I was as a person, but I’ve never been more sure of whom I am as an artist. I really channeled the direction and the vision that I had into what I wanted for this album.

Previously, I felt like I sat back and would watch people succeed and then I really thought to myself…

“You know I deserve to be up there and I’m going to give it my best shot” and that’s exactly what I did on this album. It truly is a far more “confident” album.

Be Cool for the Summer with Skechers. Footwear from the current #SkechersDemiStyle collection is available at Skechers stores and retailers around the globe.


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