To my darling: Month 5

Photo by Jenna-Leigh Storey Photography

To my darling Adriana,

So here we are celebrating your 5 months of entertaining, loving us and being the biggest blessing in our lives.

You are too beautiful for words. Now you have almost mastered sitting up on your own and have thrown in a few more tricks. As you sit up you twist and wriggle until you are on your stomach to reach that toy that fell out of your hands. You’re not crawling yet but are attempting it. You can’t do it yet and you moan in frustration. You are cute even when you moan.

Talking about your voice, there is nothing little about it as you talk, shout and mumble in your baby talk. I can’t wait until you start talking, but I know you’ll be a bigger chatterbox than me.  You even moan as you fight your sleepy eyes and we try to coerce to sleep during the day.

You make everyone around you laugh as you blow bubbles, and imitate sounds. It was hilarious as you imitated Charlie (Granny’s dog) moan. None of us could contain ourselves.

As much as you make me laugh, I love every part of you including your ratty side as you start to teeth. Sometimes I ask my mom if she thinks that you know you are so loved. I don’t doubt it anymore, as you are happiness personified. That smile that crinkles your eyes and glows in your eyes as you wake up from a sleep. It’s moments like that I want to bottle.

Your hands are exploring everything, the best is when you shove your fingers up my nose or pull my lips. You find enjoyment doing it so I don’t complain.  Recently you actually stroked my hair instead of pulling it out, it was such a loving gesture. It was relief for me as my hair has been falling out from Graves’ disease.

After many blood tests, you accompanied me to the doctor. I cried as the doctor told me about the auto-immune disease. You feed so much off my feelings that you cried too.  As upset as I was, I had to wipe my tears to console you as I don’t want your heart to be sore. My body is much weaker as I struggle to hold you up in my arms. Please don’t worry your pretty mind, I’m doing everything that I can to get better soon. I promise baby girl!

I must say you are getting big for your crib. I thought we could stretch it out into the new year but it’ll have to be sooner. I remember how small you looked the first time I put you in your crib. You were so tiny, the crib looked like it was swallowing up. Now, you pull the canopy off the rod and into your mouth as you chat away in the morning to wake us up.

I stare at you sometimes to see if you look any different to me, but I don’t see it during the day. The only time I see the difference is when you far away in dreamland. Your skin looks porcelain smooth and your face loses it’s baby charm every night as you grow into a little girl.

I realised this at your baptism. You looked like a real little girl in your white dress. It was a beautiful day to celebrate you my darling.

We will always celebrate you and love you.

I love you my darling <3


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