The letter “P”: Uncovering the bun


Starting off 2016 with a bun… (in the oven), has thrown the biggest curveball yet to my life plans. Now at 3 and half months, I thought I should come out in the open and say “I’m preg…um”. Nope, the “p word” still isn’t a word I’m used to rolling off my tongue just yet.

Sorry Baby Texi but you’ll understand my craziness when you get here.

Let’s talk harsh reality here, there is a list of things that happens to you that no one and I mean no actually tells you.

The way my mother and other previously pregnant beings has spoken about their “incubating time” sounds more like rainbows, butterflies and soft-gaga gooey feelings about being “with child”. Besides their side-bar stories about hugging the porcelain express over the inappropriate term “morning sickness” which in fact strikes at anytime of the day.

(I firmly believe it was someone’s husband who coined the term “morning sickness” because he probably only saw his dear wifey in the morning before going to work and then forgot about it until he returned  from work much later).

Unwanted advice

I in the meantime am trying to meander my life like my incubating period is no biggie just moving along . Being direct and logical, my thinking has been to educate myself with the correct tools and it should be fine… that is until someone finds out about the “p word” and projectile vomits all over me with their “vast knowledge” of pregnancy. My favourite projectile vomiters yet, the women who have never been pregnant!

They’re the best as they babble on about “so and so” who had a baby and the costs of having a baby. Meantime, I’ve been doing my homework and know exactly what X pram costs (and everything in between) and not the super-inflated prices they exaggerate about. I just shrug my shoulders and nod my head whilst being fully aware about what I need to do.

I know they mean well… But I’ve learned that there’s no need to accept or listen to every piece of advice you hear especially from the inexperienced.

Logically, would you take driving lessons from a person who has no idea how to drive?  The same logic applies here.

Every pregnancy is different so you take it as it comes and what best suits you.

Personal Space


Recently I discovered that my sense of personal space has vanished. The fragile bubble that everyone is accustomed to, no longer exists around me. The reason is that people have become “handsy”, touchy-feely for a lack of a better term.

Question, would you like someone to randomly walk up to you and start rubbing your stomach?

No! You’d think that that person is a freak!

So why would being pregnant be any different? Firstly it’s an invasion of privacy, and it’s awkward to say the least.  If you asked, maybe I’d consider it but at the moment I cannot feel the baby move yet. Therefore rubbing my bloated, swollen belly that I’m still getting used to, is not  a free for all to just randomly rub and to pass on your “positive aura”.

(Seriously, someone did  that and claimed that they were passing their positive aura and I wanted to slap them. So much for positive vibes, hey?)

The Floodgates

Apparently crying at the littlest thing is actually real, bear with me here. Up until now, I’ve continued to wear my clothes as if not much how changed in my waist area. Hahaha!

The firm toned torso is a distant memory as I quickly learned that your abs vanish very quickly. While that happened it dawned on me that owning little to none loose fitting clothing is a problem as it would go a long way for the next couple of months. I told my husband about this revelation that size 8 clothing items won’t last forever and he responded cheekily, “While you can’t wear ‘hooker’ clothes forever”.  Excuse me for liking to wear well-fitted clothing.

Anyway as pathetic as it sounds, I cried as I tried to zip myself into a body con dress. I couldn’t reach the zip and I needed help as I could no longer swiftly do it myself.  Through my tears, it was my husband’s face that made the situation better as I could see he was trying to be sympathetic whilst a gentle laugh danced along his lips.

Now the situation is funny but at the time the floodgate of tears opened up.

With everything that is going on, I’ll have much to report on the next chapter of The letter “P”.


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2 thoughts on “The letter “P”: Uncovering the bun

  1. So excited to follow the journey of Baby Texi’s ‘incubating’ period <3 Loved this first post!
    P.S. I am one of those who immediately reached for your belly when you told me – sorry! It's like a magnet I couldn't control 😛 I'll ask next time 😉

  2. Thanks Jenna <3 Hehe! I expected you to do it so I wasn't taken aback😉 I've very strange instances over the past few weeks which freaked me out a little.

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