Just make peace

Staring at the date today, I wondered where exactly did April go?

To say that April was a complete blur is an understatement. I for one cannot remember exactly what happened in between all the public holidays we’ve had.

I won’t go on about how time flies bla bla bla.
All I’ve done is made peace with the fact that autumn (or winter to some) is in full swing now.

So I’m welcoming any clothing to keep me warm! (So much for curbing my shopping…)

But here are a few highlights of what I can recall of April.

The Dreaded  Wedding Expo

Messing around at one of the Wedding Expo stands
Messing around at one of the Wedding Expo stands

I plucked the courage with my fiancé in tow to the Wedding Expo.

To say that I was screaming with delight at every wedding dress staring back at me is a complete lie.

I was frightened and overwhelmed by all the wedding commotion. I looked at my fiancé with tears and said that it’s too much to handle.

I’m not one of THOSE girls who’ve dreamed about their wedding day since she was 5 years old.

So planning a wedding is not the cornerstone of my existence.

I’d rather have the wedding coordinator to save me from it all.

Regardless I survived to tell the tale.

New addition to the family

My sister and I holding the youngest tots of the family. Little Kayla aged 3 and little Daniel in my arms.
My sister and I holding the youngest tots of the family. Little Kayla aged 3 and little Daniel in my arms.

So the supposed Easter Bunny brought a big delivery for the family this Easter.

It wasn’t a life sized Lindt bunny I secretly wanted although I settled for the regular size…

Instead my aunt and uncle welcomed their second child a few days before the Easter weekend.

It’s always a happy occasion but I for one feel a little weirded out with big age between myself and the new baby.

A 26 year age gap between cousins is weird but it’s okay I’ll try be the cool older *sob* cousin.

My spoil of the month

Autumn doesn't look to bad with these new boots.
Autumn doesn’t look to bad with these new boots.

Hunting for winter clothes may seem like easy deal. Sure, with stores filled with winter warmers it might be if items did fit.

Finding a black pair of leather ankle boots proved difficult after assistant after assistant stared down at my long, skinny feet with an arched eyebrow as boot after boot ceased to fit.

I left with ankle boots bulging open as my bony ankles refused to fill a pair of ankle boots even with a pair of jeans tucked in.

Victory was mine as I zipped these little beauties on. Trust Woolworths to come to the rescue! These babies are awesome.

On the whole, I’ve had to make peace that the sparkler on my left hand means a wedding needs to be planned.

A much younger baby cousin will only increase my cool cred with the little tyke.

Lastly that my skinny ankles aren’t easy to shop for and that shop assistants will continue to stare at long skinny feet.

What do you need to make peace with?

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