The fuss about Disney On Ice

Disney on Ice 2017 Photo by Nikita Camacho

Disney On Ice returns for another year.  Starting off in Johannesburg at the Ticketpro Dome until Sunday 9 July moving to Durban ICC from Thursday 13 July until Sunday 16 July.  Ending off the tour in Cape Town at the Grand Arena at GrandWest Casino from 19 July ending on  Sunday 23 July.

I finally made my way to Disney on Ice this year. With Adriana being one now, I figured that she still might be a little young to go. So I enlisted the biggest Disney fan I know to join me, my sister Monique. The person who speaks Disney like an expert and my partner growing up, watching the Disney films whilst reciting the movies line by line. Yes, we still do this despite our age…

Of course, she was excited to get there. My sister complained about the traffic on route to Disney On Ice. Believe me, if I could make the traffic on Malibongwe Drive disappear I would.

Finally we were freed from the clutches of traffic and Monique brought up a valid point amid her excitement, “Don’t you think we’ll look weird going to watch Disney On Ice without any children with us?”. I brushed this off as I thought that many parents watching the show for their enjoyment.

Judging from the crowds, there were numerous young kids! I thought I’d grab some snacks before the show started. A guy selling popcorn crossed our way so we stopped him. When he told me the price, I searched my purse for the bluish Randela note while my sister gawked at me. I’m a seller’s dream, I’ll buy what you’re selling (I think it’s the people pleaser/”yes” girl inside of me). I told myself it’s Disney popcorn, it will be doubley delicious but the show was about to start and I had to withdraw money.  No popcorn for us!

To be honest, I was worried by the sea of young faces that it would be cheesy and that I’d disappoint my 26 year old Disney expert sister on a Friday night.

How very wrong was I…

Disney on Ice 2017 Photo by Nikita Camacho
Opening scene for Little Mermaid

The journey Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy took the audience on helped us relive our childhood. The hours we spent watching Disney movies on tape  (Please Google  “tape” if you’re confused) memorising the lines because of our undying love for the stories.

My sister and I were looked at each in awe as the actors/skaters showed off their skills. The athleticism was incredible!

We kept nudging each other and whispering, “Oh remember this movie, it came out when I was five years old”. My best line was Monique’s proud peacock moment, “These kids here  didn’t grow up watching these movies at the cinema like us. We actually grew up with these movies”. I stifled a laugh!

Because it was just the two of us with no kids in tow, we were able to make it quickly to the food stalls before everyone arrived during the interval. As usual, it was Chip ‘n Dip for the win! Then the Disney popcorn stared at me again, this time it was a Mickey box. My sister and I cannot resist Disney merchandise! So while she got us some popcorn and shaved ice in the cutest Dory cup I might add. I was deciding what plush toy to get Adriana. I settled on Ariel.

As two adult kids, we were in our element feeling unashamed of our Disney obsession despite our ages being closer to 30 than to 20.

Disney on Ice 2017 Photo by Nikita Camacho
Aladdin during his Prince Ali parade.

From the Little Mermaid (which my sister actually watched in utero and was almost named Ariel) to Frozen, we were awestruck with the costumes and the show. We loved it!

Of course we sang Let It Go out loud, how can you not.

Elsa during Let It Go.

All I kept thinking throughout the show was how Adriana would react to this one day. Between Monique and I, surely she’ll love Disney as much as us? I hope she does otherwise we’ll go again just the two of us next year.

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