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I recently attended the Walt Disney Company Africa 2015/16 Showcase. Before you deny that you’re a Disney fan, hold up and listen.

This showcase explored more than what you think Disney is about, I’ll elaborate a couple of lines down.

I couldn’t say no to the invite, saying no to Disney is like saying you don’t like the sunshine. So with a spring in my step, I mean a subdued walk as I tried extremely hard not to have a Glee moment and break out in song to The Lion King’s Circle of Life but I forgot my headdress at home…

Which was perfect timing as the presentation was about to start so I’ll pick up from where I left off next time.

The incredible set-up of the stage for the presentation had me thinking of popcorn as I knew the content would unfold like a movie.

The presentation gave us a sneak peak of the upcoming movies.

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I’m excited about the Marvel stable and what they have lined up for fans.

Besides my Marvel love, I’m looking forward to Alice In Wonderland: Through the Looking Glass; The Jungle Book; The Good Dinosaur and of course Finding Dory.

The Good Dinosaur

Along with new seasons of ABC shows like The Fixer in addition to another Shonda Rhimes show called The Catch.


Besides the endless line-up of new shows and movies, I’m intrigued to see what will come of The Triggerfish Story Lab created by Triggerfish Animation Studios with the support of The Department of Trade and Industry and The Walt Disney Company.

Perhaps you are the talented writer or director in hiding. It’s an incredible opportunity to showcase African talent. I’ll definitely keep my eye on this.

The only con of seeing the new and exciting content is that the release dates seems so far away…I’ll put it in my calendar in the meantime.

My only request to The Walt Disney Company in my time of waiting… Please bring a Disney store to Johannesburg. I need some more of your Disney kitchenware and everything else in between.

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