Friday Favourites: Jamie Oliver

I don’t know if it’s the excitement that’s got to me or all the busyness and festivities of February has my mind jumping all over the place.

So while I’m off for a weekend away to celebrate my first anniversary,  this week’s Friday Favourites was hard to pick with so much happening.

Favourite Tweet: Jamie Oliver’s restaurant

It was confirmed recently that TV’s renowned chef, Jamie Oliver is actually opening a restaurant here in South Africa. I’m happy to say it will in fact be Jamie’s Italian by Jamie Oliver. No date has been set yet  on when this will happen but keep your eyes set on Melrose Arch for any developments.

Favourite TED Talk: Shonda Rhimes


If you’re not listening to TED Talks then I suggest you start. It is a melting pot of conversations surrounding politics, everyday life, mental health, relationship, creativity and anything you can think of.

A recent TED Talk by television powerhouse, Shonda Rhimes popped on my radar. You have to hear what the powerful woman had to say.

Favourite Magazine Cover: Women’s Health


The March issue of Women’s Health is set to hit shelves on Monday 22 February. I’m excited to finally see Kayla Itsines on the cover. If you’re not familiar with her amazing fitness programme, check her out here.

Favourite Acceptance Speech: Taylor Swift


The 2016 Grammy Awards awarded the best in the music industry, while the red carpet wasn’t on point as previous years. It was the performances and the speeches that had me applauding.

Taylor Swift took the gong for Album of the Year for second time in a row. The first woman in history to do so.  Apparently according to Kanye West, he takes credit for making her famous…  Meantime her acceptance speech  addressed Kanye West’s ridiculous claims.

Well done to Taylor for a speech well said and to Kanye… You have a daughter yet you’re actually anti-feminist! Don’t take credit where it doesn’t exist.

P.S. You’re a douchebag!

Favourite Balloons: PARTY

party balloon

No party is complete without some awesome decorations. While Mr Price Home has upped the ante with their foil balloon range. So get them while stocks last!

Enjoy the weekend and share with me your thoughts on what made your own list of favourites this week.

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