Review: Naturebox wins hearts

Naturebox review by Nikita Hearts in Her Shoes

After using the Naturebox range with 100% cold-pressed almond oil for over a month now, I  can share an honest review of the products.

The new vegan hair and skincare range is available in a range of natural products including almond, avocado, coconut, and apricot. Each of the products has its own properties to care for your particular needs. This vegan range is free from sulfates and silicones.

As an ecofriendly family, it is important for us to use animal-friendly products as well as products that do not pollute the environment.

Naturebox review by Nikita Hearts in Her Shoes

Naturebox Hair Products

As a person prone to a sensitive and dry scalp, I do prefer a sulfate and silicone-free shampoo and conditioner. These Naturebox products do deliver on that, the shampoo is rather light-weight which is great as there is no product build-up. I do love the fragrance of the shampoo, it is not overpowering but rather has subtle tones. Even with my dyed hair which can easily dry out during the winter months, the hair Naturebox products left my hair feeling soft and silky.

With this brand, I’ve been able to cut down on the frequency of washing my hair from every third day to every fifth or even seventh day! My hair is cleaner for longer, despite my vigorous workouts, it does not go as oily as before.

Therefore with the extended length in between washes has extended the   “shelf life” of the products. Although I’ve used the products for a month, I don’t need to replace my shampoo and conditioner yet, I’ve had to use very little product and have three-quarters of the bottle left!

Naturebox Body Products

The body products include a body lotion and a shower gel. Starting off with the shower gel, I did find that I use more than a dollop on the bath sponge to lather. It is rather a smooth shower gel as opposed to the other rich cream shower gels that you get. It did not dry my skin out as some shower gels sometimes do. I did find that if I was rushed and did not follow up with the body lotion, my skin wouldn’t be its regular dry scaly self which is a win!

Of course, for better results, the body lotion should be used. The body lotion is a lightweight cream that is quickly absorbed so there’s no need to wait for the cream to dry before getting dressed. A major win in a busy mom’s life!


This is a product that I have thoroughly enjoyed! I’ve seen great results for my hair and skin. I love how lightweight the products are! My scalp is no longer as sensitive so the shampoo does work!

As an eco-friendly family, it does tick the boxes for us as it is animal-cruelty free. I have used the shampoo and conditioner on my daughter’s hair too and it has been great for her mane.

The Naturebox range is available from Takealot, Dis-Chem, Clicks and Checkers.

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