Review: The Herb Farm

The Herb Farm by Nikita Camacho

Nestled in the plots of Midrand hides an artisan set-up, the Herb Farm. I stumbled upon this establishment by accident while mindlessly scrolling on Facebook for places to take Adriana to.  

The Herb Farm is a new establishment as some parts are still under construction namely the Market and the Gardenette. In the meantime, the Bistro and the Play Yard is open for business.

We visited the Herb Farm’s Play Yard and it was a picturesque setting. The colourful little houses are amongst the herb garden and the vast playground. I soon realised that the jungle gyms and playhouses by none other than Azzz Woodland . They are known for their incredible designs.

The Herb Farm by Nikita Camacho

I love the set-up because it encourages free play as the children can explore the gardens and settle in one of the houses to play “School, school” or “Farmer, farmer”.  It is also the perfect venue for a birthday party. Swings, slides and a sandpit that will make it hard for you to leave.     

The outdoor set-up is a welcoming change. There are childminders and due to its size, the Play Yard is not cramped with hundreds of kids. Adriana loved the space! She was in her element.

It is something that my husband and I despise about kid-friendly restaurants. Often other play areas are not monitored correctly, tweens and toddlers are playing in the same cramped area. 


There is limited seating so I’d recommend making a booking or arrive early. We didn’t have a booking. 

You’ll have to patient when ordering your meal. It did take longer than anticipated for a few sandwiches and quiche. The food is made with fresh organic ingredients. The freshly-pressed juices were amazing and I can recommend their milkshakes!

I do think that 60 odd rand for an average size sandwich with no sides is a little pricey. Whereas my choice of quiche and salad was more filling and value for money. I understand that these minor issues are resolved over time since it is rather new.

I do love this set-up and will definitely be back. I’d like to try the Bistro as they have picnic options which I do think Adriana would enjoy. I am a sucker for markets so I’ll be back for that too.

Visit for more information.

Rating: 4 out of  5 stars

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