Officially a pre-schooler

This little sweetheart of ours officially started school full-time. Like the proud parents that my husband and I are, there was the obligatory photo before we left the house. She was giddy with excitement as we got her ready for school. I giggled at the impatience in her voice as she told me, “Come Mommy, we go to school” while I applied my make-up.

We had the big countdown for “big school” as we told Adriana about her new school. Personally, I think the countdown served my emotional and mental needs in anticipation for the big day.

Last year, Adriana had attended a play school twice a week as I wasn’t working full-time yet. So I didn’t feel as anxious about it.

I never thought the first day of school would happen this quickly. I remember walking with a chubby 6 month old on my hip as I enrolled Adriana for her future school. I thought I had years until she started school.

Now, here stands a little proud toddler in place of a tubby tot. A little girl that loves fiercely. A  little girl with a tender-heart that cares with vigour.  These qualities are not to be misinterpreted for a push-over. Adriana can stand her ground which resonates with Shakespeare’s, “Though she be but little, she is fierce!”

The other night I watched in awe as she twirled and danced across the lounge to Maroon 5’s Girls Like You.  Trying her best to singalong to the lyrics and Cardi B’s rapping.

Never lose your sense of wonder and your loving spirit as the world definitely needs a girl like you.


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