Review: Cartoon Network Live!

Cartoon Network Live! has finally made a stop in Johannesburg at the Teatro at Monte Casino. The stage show brings its young audiences closer than ever to their favourite  Cartoon Network characters.

I know that as part of the Cartoon Network  alumni class of 2000, I would have been ecstatic to see my favourites. (Ahem, Dexter’s Laboratory and Powerpuff Girls)

The stage show starts off with Kelvin Gizmo showing audiences around his laboratory. It was quite reminiscent of Dexter’s Laboratory for me. While he’s giving the tour of the laboratory, we are introduced to the world of Cartoon Network. 

Kelvin Gizmo or Dexter, boy genius? Do you see the resemblance?

The tour is interrupted by the evil Zarr!

The fate of the Cartoon Network heroes lies in the balance thanks to Zarr!

Kelvin interacts with the audience as he introduces the characters in each land.


From  Adventure Time, The Powerpuff Girls, The Amazing World of Gumball, and  Ben 10, the heroes fight Zarr!

I was impressed to see the Powerpuff Girls in action. Adriana enjoyed seeing the girls as she kept pointing, “oohing” and “look mommy”.

I was concerned that she might of been a little too young for the show but she sat through the show happily. She loved the dancers and songs as she bopped on my lap.

If your children are fans of Cartoon Network, I suggest you book your tickets soon. They will love it!

The Cartoon Network Live! cast.

Tickets are on sale now through and Computicket. Cartoon Network Live! runs until 15 July 2018 at the Teatro at Monte Casino.


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