Peppa Pig Live Rules

Peppa Pig Live in South Africa. Photo by Nikita Camacho

Peppa Pig Live! is definitely a hit among fans. I’ve never seen so many kids in one facility. Kids everywhere!  A full house for the infamous British pig.

Peppa Pig has become a ritual in our home, Adriana and Jarred sit and watch the show together every Sunday. So I was excited that we could take Adriana to watch Peppa Pig Live.

However, I was stressed about the show for three reasons. Firstly, I worried that Adriana would be fast asleep for her nap during the show. Secondly that she would not be able to see the stage. Lastly, since it was our first time to watch a show with Adriana, I was unsure whether she’d enjoy it or would be frustrated at sitting down for a long period of time for a little person.

Okay… Truth!

Adriana fell asleep just as we arrived at the show. I thought that she would miss her favourite “Pig, pig” as she likes to call Peppa.

We decided to wake her up just as the show was about to begin. As you can see, she was a bit starstruck of where we were. Cue underlying stress of a tired  toddler for mom and dad.

Thankfully the Theatre of Marcellus at Emperor’s Palace provided cushions for the kids which was an absolute win!

Hearts in Her Shoes Nikita Camacho
“Mama, Pig, Pig”! Awestruck toddler for the win.

It was a first time that Adriana watched a live show. I thought it would be overwhelming for a 21 month old toddler. However, the stage production was simple, fun and interactive. Enough for her to follow and enjoy just like the television show.

The storyline follows Peppa and her family as they try to find Polly the parrot. The kids easily interacted with the characters as they sang and danced. I enjoyed how entertained the kids were. The beach scene where giant beach balls were thrown around  and bubbles were blown, that was firm favourite amongst the children. Adriana kept playing with the bubbles.

The only problem with the show was the “magic wand” that was used throughout the production. I was unaware when we arrived that it was part of the show until the character used it. Almost every child had a magic wand. The few that didn’t, I saw parents sneaking off to buy one. I did the same too and made my husband go out to get Adriana her own magic wand.

Hearts in Her Shoes Nikita Camacho Peppa Pig Live in SA
The said, “magic wand” that looked like a little lightsaber to me.

As much as parents wanted their little ones to participate with a “magic wand”, not many were content with the price of it. R100 to be exact! I’m on the fence about the price, it’s a live stage production and merchandise is never cheap. Perhaps the tickets to the show could have included a note regarding the “magic wands” and discount if purchased online

Peppa Pig Live  was a victorious win for us! Adriana loved the show and was engrossed throughout. She sat throughout the whole show without a moan or cry despite us cutting her nap short. Judging by the children’s reaction and happy moods after the show, the show was a success!

Hearts in Her Shoes Nikita Camacho Peppa Pig Live!
Peppa Pig Live! gets our stamp of approval.

Tickets are available on Computicket from R199. Peppa Pig Live! will show  across the country until 24 June 2018.


JOHANNESBURG        Emperors Palace                               29 March – 02 April 2018

CAPE TOWN               International Convention Centre               06 – 08 April 2018

DURBAN                     Playhouse Theatre                           20 – 22 April 2018

PRETORIA                   SA State Theatre                               16 – 17 June 2018

PORT ELIZABETH      PE Opera House                                 22 – 24 June 2018


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