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Jordan knows that kids often have a love-hate relationship with dental care. At first there is excitement about the new routine. However, it becomes a drag once your kid realises it’s something they have to do.

I try hard to get Adriana to brush her teeth twice daily but it does take some creativity and distraction sometimes to get it done.

She’s almost three but still needs help to brush her teeth. If she was left on her own, all she’d do is eat the toothpaste.

The Jordan Kids range is not a brand I’m familiar with. So I was eager to test out their products for children and adults.

Jordan Kids- Kids Love Jordan Campaign

The package included two stylish adult toothbrushes which was way cooler than I expected. The usual toothbrushes I’ve seen in stores vary in styles and more so in colour. There’s nothing terribly exciting about toothbrushes’ in general so when I saw Jordan’s brushes, I was impressed.

My husband and I no longer have to argue about who gets what colour toothbrush.

As for the kids’ toothbrushes and toothpastes, Jordan has coordinated characters on the toothbrush to the toothpaste which is pretty awesome! The toothbrush for 3 to 5 years has a wider grip making it easier for little hands to master brushing their teeth.

Jordan Kids- Kids Love Jordan Campaign

I tested the age appropriate toothpaste for Adriana. The age 0-5 years toothpaste ticks all the boxes for appearance, price and ingredients. As I parent I always want the healthiest ingredients for my child so I was glad to see that there were no SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) present in the product and the correct level of fluoride necessary for my child’s teeth.

The taste test is a major a selling point for parents. If it tastes “too minty” or “too yucky” no child will put a toothbrush near their mouth. I did a taste testwith Adriana, she liked but her choice of words were a little off.

I assume a picture of a bunny with a carrot swayed her opinion but I’m happy to correct that statement to raspberry. The toothpaste is a mild raspberry taste that she enjoyed. To the point that she found any excuse to “taste” (see eat) the toothpaste.

Besides Adriana loving the taste, I really love the travel cap that accompanies the toothbrush. It’s great for weekend breaks or getaways. I tested this over the Easter weekend and it worked perfectly.

Adriana loving her toothbrush!


Jordan Kids- Kids Love Jordan Campaign

While teaching your children the importance of brushing their teeth twice daily, it can be a bit of a struggle to get them to do it. The Kids Love Jordan Campaign helped with sticker charts as a form of reward. I would’ve liked to see the charts rolled out into stores due to the response I had from fellow moms who would have loved the charts in their homes.

Jordan Kids- Kids Love Jordan Campaign

Despite that, the Jordan Kids app was a real winner with Adriana. The app allows you to add your child’s face to the video. She was mesmerised by the app and seeing her face in the video. It did stretch Adriana’s brushing time a bit longer than normal.


Parents, I highly recommend this product for your family. With a variety of toothbrushes to choose from, your children can pick what they love.

The kids toothbrushes and toothpastes retails at R21.99. The adult toothbrushes retails at R39.99. Find them at your nearest Clicks and Dis-Chem stores.

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2 thoughts on “Review: Kids Love Jordan

  1. Good Day,

    My 4 year old doesn’t like brushing her teeth, how do I go about getting a sample pack to try out.

    1. Hi Kubashnie,

      Unfortunately brushing your child’s teeth can be a little tricky. Jordan Kids doesn’t offer a trial sample, I think because their products are greatly priced. I do suggest printing a chart at home and purchasing star stickers to help motivate your child. Give it a go, I hope it helps.

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