Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift

“Mama, mommy, mom, mother dearest”whichever term of endearment you use to call the person that brought you into this world, it is time to celebrate her.

Mother’s Day take time out to reach out, spend time and spoil your mom for all she has done for you. A simple breakfast and quality time spent with her will make her feel appreciated and loved.

Should you need a last minute gift to save you from the repetitive go-to gift of slippers and pyjamas, have a look at these picks that might be perfect for your mom.

  1. Boho Tassel Wrap from Woolworths for R350.
  2. Melissa Ulitsa Sneaker from Melissa Stockists for R899
  3. Brown Double Zip Boot from Woolworths for R599.
  4. Pink Sand Series 4 Apple watch from iStore for R7999.
  5. Zig-zag Rose Gold Ring from Pandora for R979.
  6. Girl with Pigtails Charm from Pandora for R979.
  7. Coffee pyjama set from Mr P for R149.99
  8. Aztec Scarf from Mr P for R69.99.
  9. Love You Mom Necklace from Elegance for R1800.
  10. Rising Strong by Brené Brown from Exclusive Books for R328.


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