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“Mommy, what’s this medicine for?” my daughter asked quizzically. “Is your head sore?”

“Something like that”, I  replied.

Mental health has been pushed to the forefront as people try to navigate their lives through pandemic living.  Families are trying to juggle the interruptive lifestyles of lockdown, work-from-home, online schooling and school closures. It is disruptive to try forge a new routine but we do try to take one step at  a step.

However mental health as a whole should not be neglected. From new mothers to children.  According to Forbes, postpartum wellbeing visits have increased by 30% which one may believe it to be higher due to not all mothers seeking the necessary treatment

Being a new mom, is no easy fret by any means, however the added pressure and isolation of the pandemic has pushed many further down the rabbit hole of depression. Visitors are afraid to visit due to possible exposure. New moms feel lonely.

So how can you as a new mom find solace when you are not feeling yourself?

  • Speak to your GP or nurse at the clinic
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Often doctors are offering teleconsultations or virtual consultations, check with your medical-aid app for these services or contact your doctor. The doctor can assess the degree of help that you need which may include therapy or medication to help stabilise your mood.

  • Send a message to a friend or to a loved one

In between all the baby spam that your friends and family are loving online, unfortunately they won’t know if you are doing okay. A simple text like,  “I need a chat” is a way to get the conversation going. You will not be judged for doing so.

  • Find a mom tribe
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Whether it is an online group where moms discuss their day-to-day happenings which will help you feel less alone or reach out to other moms that you know online. You’ll soon realise that you have more in common than you think. It will help you feel less alone.

  • Carve out time for yourself

It may seem difficult if not unattainable to have time to yourself but start with something small like a tea-break on your favourite spot on the couch. Be religious about your me-time and adapt it to include more like hobbies. You’ll be thankful that you’ve done it.

  • Have resources at your fingertips

There’s a plethora of resources at the moment. From apps to podcasts, here are a couple to get you started.


M.O.M- Moms On Mental Health

So if you’re feeling alone, remember that I have been there and so  have many moms. Mental health is something that should not be overlooked but worked on daily. I am still working on my mental health daily.

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