Mothering in the time of Corona


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It’s a jungle in here!

Oh one day, I shall retell the story of Mothering in the time of Corona. An infamous story shared across the world where mothers felt united in mom guilt and dirty washing.

So what is Mothering in the time of Corona? Oh, what a tale it is.

In the morning, a mother wakes up tired and rubbing her eyes after a bad night’s sleep because her daughter crawled into her bed at two in the morning. Mom only went to bed at 1 am. The little one was insistent that she can only sleep with her head on mommy’s pillow so that their heads are five centimeters apart. So close that the little one nudges mommy awake with groundbreaking news, “Mommy, your breath stinks”. Mommy rolls over on her sliver of the queen-sized bed ignoring this groundbreaking observation.

Every day, it feels like the urban jungle is living their home. The natural habit has settled after 5234 (mom) days in lockdown. Schools are closed, everyone is “working” from home while the only therapy that is known to make mom sane has been banned, “ONLINE SHOPPING”.

The sink is overflowing and starting to resemble the Tower of Pisa. This work of “art” is never admired by the family members but rather avoided with abandon like they are extras from the blindfolded Netflix film, Birdbox .

Birdbox South African Mommy Blogger Nikita Hearts in Her Shoes
“Don’t look at the dishes, don’t look at the dishes!”

Mother is too focused in her urban jungle to be overconsumed with anything and everything about the news, oh wait I forgot- Mom guilt! Now with that personal reminder let’s continue the tale.

Oh yes, stats! The stats of recoveries and infections swims around her mind because “When will school open AGAIN?”.

You know the African proverb, “it takes a village to raise a child”. Well, that village is currently closed until further notice, when the minister holds a press conference, postpones it and then speaks at the speed of lightning! Oh, mother dearest must teach her child. Sounds rather picturesque until mother wants to pull her hair (yes Mother’s own hair) out with all the arts and crafts she needs to make for her little one.

While home-learning takes place, mother’s laptop beeps non-stop with emails and requests with online meetings happening throughout the day. Oh, how mothering in the time of Corona has clocked up more hours in the 5234 (mom) days then regular life because no external help is considered essential, so no take-outs, no nannies, no schools.

Insert Netflix’s start-up tune. She’s been a lifesaver, but mother is concerned about the latest American twang her little one has developed so mother switches it …to Peppa Pig. There’s nothing a posh pig can’t fix.

Now, a serious matter. Like an imperative issue that is more alarming than the rate of the Corona infections is… the washing.

Who knows what sorcery is this?

Is there a virus living in the wash bin?

Well, whatever it is, the pile of laundry is mutating faster than Corona’s infection rate. This shit is serious, ask any mother, it’s a worldwide pandemic.

Normally, washing takes one to two days. Whereas folding and ironing takes at least seven to fourteen business days to be done. What is a business day again? This leads to the life-challenging questions in the mornings like, “Will this need ironing later?” before putting an outfit on. Better yet, creased clothing is the trend across homes.

Families are living in the twilight zone, stuck in a never-ending Sunday, where business as usual on a Monday never returns. What day is it again?

The linen needs to be changed again.

One day, we’ll reminisce about mothering in the time of Corona.

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