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South African Mommy Blogger Nikita Camacho Dr Beckmann

Dr. Beckmann recently extended their brand to include a highly effective Odour Remover. In comparison to other products, Dr. Beckmann Odour Remover does not mask the odour but instead eliminates it, to ensure that the freshness after a wash is long-lasting.

Upon testing the product, I was unfamiliar with the brand. I was using the same-old conventional detergent that my mother uses.  However, I was eager to put it to the test with the ever-growing mountain of laundry in my home.

As a rather active family, I have found that washing clothing does not always eliminate the pesky smells. I tested it out with a dress of  mine,  it was clean but a few hours later the smell returned almost as if the material retained the smell.  This was the same for my husband’s sports kit too.

I had nothing to lose by testing the product. I discovered that Dr. Beckmann Odour Remover  actually works for all clothing including towels. Sometimes, towels may smell musty once removed from the linen cupboard which is frustrating! Towels are supposed to be fresh and clean!

South African Mommy Blogger Nikita Camacho Dr Beckmann

I used a capful and half in my washing machine to wash my towels. I was pleasantly surprised by the long lasting freshness of the product. Even once the towels were dried and packed away, the musty smell was gone and it was replaced with a pleasant freshness. I was finally winning the washing war with foul smells.

Dr. Beckmann South African Mommy Blogger Nikita Camacho Dr Beckmann
This wicker basket was a guinea pig for a horrible smell.

Since Dr. Beckmann Odour Remover delivered on its promise, I thought I’d experiment with my belly basket (pictured above). During one of the Highveld thunderstorms that we had, my nervous dog who is afraid of the thunder, peed on the floor. An accident but it happened nearby my favourite basket which of course soaked up some of the urine.

I tried hard to remove the odour with natural measures in order not to damage my favourite basket. I tried white vinegar and washing detergent several times, yet the  foul smell came back with a vengeance. I refused to lose my basket!

So, I filled my bath with 10 cm of water and three cupfuls of Dr.Beckmann Odour Remover. I placed the basket in the water and allowed it to soak for about 15 minutes.  I didn’t scrub the bottom of the basket out of fear that it would break. I then left the basket outside dry in the sun.

Needless to say, the experiment worked! I finally eliminated the urine smell. This just proved to me again how effective this product is.

I award this product full marks! It exceeded my expectations above and beyond that I have gone on to purchase more Dr. Beckmann products including their Pre-wash Stain Remover and Devil Stains remover.

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