Kids TV Shows to Watch

You might resonate with the snail because you’re unsure what to allow your kids to watch next.

Choosing something to watch for your kids may seem overwhelming due to the variety of options now. Instead of handing over the remote and throwing your hands up in the air, here’s a list of kids tv shows that won’t turn your children into little tv zombies with square eyes.

Takalani Sesame

Local favourites, Takalani Sesame  is back new episodes. The clan’s back  and ready to entertain and teach kids. First off, it’s all about recycling and how to recreate new ideas for gifts.   

Takalani Sesame airs on Monday 1 June 2020 on SABC2 at 15:30

Where’s Waldo

This new spin on the traditional books of Where’s Waldo with the animated series sees a twelve-year-old Waldo and his best friend Wenda as members of the Worldwide Wanderer Society. Together, they circle the world solving problems.

Watch Where’s Waldo on Showmax.

Super Why 

How many times does your child ask you, “why?”. My guess is one hundred times a day. Let the team,  Whyatt Beanstalk, Pig, Red, and Princess Pea answer the questions for you as they head on adventures.

Watch Super Why on Showmax.

Julia Donaldson Collection

A firm favourite is the Julia Donaldson collection  on Showmax. It brings to life story-time favourites with these animations including The Gruffalo, The Gruffalo’s Child and more.

The Gruffalo

Room on the Broom

Snail and the Whale

Yakka Dee

The chatterbox Dee introduces a new word every episode with giggling kids learning the word of the day. Let her do the yakking for once.

Watch Yakka Dee on Showmax.

Dinosaur Train

Buddy is a Tyrannosaurus Rex, him and his friends climb aboard the Dinosaur Train to learn about natural science, natural history and palaeontology.

Stream the Dinosaur Train on Netflix

Earth to Luna

Meet Luna, a 6 year old girl obsessed with science. Where’s her lab exactly? Well it’s the world. She questions everything around her.

Watch Earth to Luna on Netflix.

Fancy Nancy 

Oh the fanciest little girl, Nancy Clancy is back with new episodes on Disney Junior. There’s nothing this little girl cannot fix, or make fancy with a little “Je ne sais quoi”.

Watch Fancy Nancy weekdays on Disney Junior on DStv channel 309.

Enjoy these kids tv shows and share your family’s favourites below.

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