Where are all the chick flicks?

How to be single

If you’re an avid movie-goer like myself, I’ll watch pretty much any genre (besides horrors… my mind is too busy for that shit and I enjoy my sleep, thank you very much).

Cinematic offerings over the past three to four years has been extremely thin on the “chick flick” department. Who doesn’t enjoy a great love story with some drama and tears in between? A story that touches you and that your boyfriend/partner secretly enjoyed too.

A comedy aimed at us gals and has you howling with laughter because you can totally relate…

Now that you’re thinking about it, it has been a while and finding a “chick flick” is a rare find.

I think I’ve struck “chick flick” gold with these forthcoming movies. Guess you’ll know where I’ll be hiding out with a big box of popcorn with this line-up:

How to Be Single


Me Before You


Miss you already


The Dressmaker


The Choice


My Big Fat Greek Wedding


Which of these movies are you excited to watch? Let know me below or tweet me @heartnikita.

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