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Nunuki for Little Humans Review by Hearts in Her Shoes Nikita Camacho


The Nunuki family is a proudly South African skincare range designed for your little one’s skin needs. It is the brainchild of Nána Lloyd. A mother who understands the needs of children’s skin.

The name Nunuki derives from a nickname Nanaki that a relative gave Nána while growing up. A sweet anecdote that has come alive with the little Nunuki monsters.

Nunuki for Little Humans Review by Hearts in Her Shoes Nikita Camacho
From left to right: Elfie, Izey, Nunu, Dex, Maxi, and Lello.

They are cute and sweet and each tells a story. My daughter loves the Nunukis and their names, she gives her royal approval.

The range includes Izey’s Hair & Body Wash, Nunu’s Bath & Massage Oil, Elfie’s Cream, Maxi’s Pesky Bug Cream, Lello’s Protecting SPF30 Sunscreen and Dex’s Bum Cream. The range is suitable for sensitive skin as each product has been dermatologically tested and approved. Even better, Nunuki® has received the CANSA seal of approval.

Our review on nunuki for little Humans

Nunuki for Little Humans Review by Hearts in Her Shoes Nikita Camacho

When we received the Nunuki for little humans package, it was our first time sampling their range.

I recall seeing Nána Lloyd at the 2019 Mama Magic Expo as she presented the story behind her brand. I loved how passionate and involved she is with her product.

Now it was time to put the products to the test. Adriana’s skin is not terribly problematic with eczema  or anything like that. However, some fragranced products cause her skin to itch as does the winter months in Jo’burg. She’d scratch until her skin bleeds which happens so quickly.

With all the active natural ingredients of  Nunuki, it was worth a try. We tested the range for a month.

Nunuki for Little Humans Review by Hearts in Her Shoes Nikita Camacho Elfie’s Cream did wonders for her skin. The cream has a smooth buttery feel to it and smells lovely with its avocado and jojoba oil. I applied it every night to Adriana after bathtime. I loved how her skin retained the moisture that her skin was soft and supple until her next bathtime.

Izey’s Hair & Body Wash may be a body wash but it looks like an oil as it squirts out yet there is no residue as you lather your little one’s skin. Oh, the smell is amazing!   It works well as a shampoo too. I did experiment with Adriana’s hair but since she has a mane of hair, I’d rather use it on her skin as I’d have to use so much of the product.

Nunuki for Little Humans Review by Hearts in Her Shoes Nikita Camacho

Lello’s Protecting SPF30 Sunscreen. I really enjoyed this gentle sunscreen for the winter sun as we spent time outside. A definite must all-year-round to protect little people’s skin. As it warms up, I’m keen to see how it fends in the water but with the CANSA approval stamp I’m confident it’ll be just fine.



So where can you get your hands on this proudly South African product?

You can order it online from the Nunuki website.    While you there, why not donate a face shield too for R15 for the children at the Gideon Rambuwani Primary School.

Check their website for your nearest stockist with their geo-location. Stockists include selected Pick ‘n Pay, Bub Hub & Company, Kids Emporium, selected pharmacies, and kids’ boutique stores.

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