McNab’s Energy Exchange Evening

I was recently invited to one of McNab’s Energy Exchange evenings and I was impressed.

It was hosted at McNab’s office, The Energy Works, a completely green office building. I thought that it was a clear indication of how important sustainability is to the McNab’s brand and reflects how every little thing counts.

This includes the range of McNab’s products that are made with the most natural ingredients and is free from additives, preservatives and more.

The evening was unlike any other events I’ve attended before. It was interactive and had a conversation going about how we can improve our lives.

The F+A+B Quotient was presented by the energised lovely ladies, Celynn Erasmus and Joni Peddie. They questioned and probed us on what areas can we improve to live a more energised life.

Fighting fatigue is more than just taking a holiday because you’re overworked or napping more because you feel tired.

The F+A+B Quotient helps fight fatigue with the correct steps to help you fulfil your life.

Celynn and Joni shared how fuelling your body with the correct food at the right times is a start to give you the energy you so desperately need.

Moving from the vital fuel we need to energise our bodies, they explained how to activate your mind and body during a workday slump. It was interesting to discover how a simple change in position awakes the mind; I tried this to prove it works.

Simple things such as how you carry yourself and walk into a room exposes who you really are.

Lastly our behaviour can only achieve a higher status if we carry out the correct fuel and activate our bodies and minds.

I highly recommend Celynn and Joni’s book, The F+A+B Quotient as it is a real eye opener especially as we live the “rat-race” lifestyle.

Better yet, try and hear Celynn and Joni speak at an event; it will change your mind shift.

Purchase The F+A+B Quotient book here.

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