Personal Intelligence with Step Vermeulen

I attended my second Energy Exchange Evening recently at the McNab’s headquarters.

This time with spring (or summer as some are calling it) was here, guests were welcomed with fresh veggie nimbles and Happy.Me.

Holistic healthy eating that’s synonymous with the McNab’s brand.

Whilst waiting for the talk to begin with Steph Vermeulen about Presonal Intelligence, I fell in love with Happy.Me Watermelon Smoothie with Coconut Milk.

Perfect drink for summer!

It was on to business as Steph, a leading pioneer in emotional intelligence to present her new book, Personal Intelligence Future Fit Now.

She spoke about the memes in life that we pick up which can be explained as a reaction or knee-joint thought to an action that we do.

For example, if you try something new and grew up with a neurotic parent that would tell you to ” be careful” or “No, don’t that’.It becomes a natural reaction that you hear those thoughts in your mind.

It ties into our personal intelligence and how we can change our mindset to be more positive about situations. To shun those negative thoughts that were initially part of our upbringing. That we are in control of our thoughts.

To remember to take a minute in the midst of a stressful time, to close your eyes and balance yourself in order to face the situation calmly.

If you find yourself drained and need to shift your outlook on life, I highly recommend that you visit Steph Vermeulen’s website about EQ and personal intelligence.

Her books will help put your mindset into focus to help you  achieve more for your life.

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