Bootcamp: “It won’t be so bad”


I recently joined Adventure Bootcamp. I thought it would be a great way to get back into shape after avoiding the gym for two months.

Terrible I know. Body parts started jiggling that never used to. My excuse was that I was recovering from my tonsillectomy hence the two month hiatus from gym.

So instead of easing my way back to a gym filled with “steroid bunnies” and ladies with full faces of make-up prancing around for attention.

I opted for Adventure Bootcamp. “It won’t be that bad”, I told myself.

Due to the commute to work I decided to sign up for the 5:15 class, five days a week.

Day 1 happened to fall on a public holiday so I couldn’t sleep in as my alarm clock beeped at 4:30. No sleeping in for me!

Working out in the darkest morning, it feels surreal.

The class is a non-stop hour filled with circuit exercises and running. Each day is dedicated to different target areas.

Day 2 I realised the lactic acid built up in my thighs and I started walking around like a duck as I tried not to pick up my legs.

Waking up to Day 3 I thought again “it won’t be that bad”. Boy was I wrong, it was LEG day!

Running, lunges and squats repeated over and over again! I had to keep whatever in my stomach down at least three times.

Despite the pain and sweat, it will pay off as I get my lazy butt back into shape.

I’m keen to see the results at the end of my 20 sessions.

In addition to this, I don’t have to deal with steroid bunnies or prancing ladies. Hehe!

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