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It’s scary to think that we’re in October already. Blink again and it will be December. As much as I dislike Christmas decorations being displayed and sold already ahead of schedule, I love Christmas.

It’s a special time for Christians to celebrate and the exchange of gifts. Regardless of your beliefs, I feel that it is better to give or help someone else.

Many of us complain of silly mundane things when life doesn’t go our way (I know I’m guilty of this). We forget the people suffering right here in our communities in South Africa. It is extremely difficult for them on a day-to-day basis and especially over the festive season.

This where Santa’s Shoebox Project comes in and puts smiles on children’s faces. The charity project began in 2006 and was founded by Dee Boehner.

A project that started off with 180 boxes has now grown to the pledge of 105 721 (and counting) boxes.

Each year Santa Shoebox project asks people to pledge a box. In these boxes are gifts and necessities outlined by the project that the children need.

Can you imagine their faces when they receive a gift marked especially for them? A gift to call their own.

So before you roll your eyes at the Christmas decorations up in shopping malls already, pledge a box a make a child feel special.

It’s simple, pledge a box and follow the instructions on what to include in the shoebox.

Find your nearest drop off centre and know that on Christmas Day you’ve made a child somewhere feel special. Even more the project is looking for volunteers too. If you’re not able to do so, the project also accepts donations.

Now go pledge your box soon and don’t miss the drop-off times.

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