Skull Cuff


Shopping in Johannesburg can be a tedious task for me. I often surf the net and spot items that are often not available here unless I buy it online.

Instead I pin fashion finds on my Pinterest and try my best to find it here in SA.

I stumbled across a gold skull cuff during one of the many Pinterest sessions I have. I pinned the image and thought it to be a long shot to find my new coveted item on one of my shopping trips. I thought I’d have to resort to Etsy or even find a jeweler to make me my new wanted find. With the gold price rocketing through the roof I thought I’d rather find it on Etsy.

Luckily for me, after a trip to Braamfontein one Saturday for the Neighbourgoods Market I stumbled into Superbly You Boutique on Juta street.

As I was paying for my new thick knit cardi, a skull cuff caught my eye. Finally! An easy buy of new found item right in the heart of Jo’burg.

The moral of the story is shop away from the usual shopping centers and venture out to unique stores. You never know what wonderful finds lurk in new stores or pop-up shops.

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