Friday Favourites: Statement Heels

A new weekend and a new look for Hearts in Her Shoes. Have a look around the site and let me know you’re thoughts as I move the site into its new chapter soon. So don’t venture too far and keep an eye out for the exciting news.

In the meantime here’s this week’s Friday Favourites:

Favourite Shoes: Mr Price

Available at Mr P for R189.99

Every girl needs a statement pair of heels and this right here is it.

Buy it before it’s too late!

Favourite Parody: Hotline Bling

 As fast as a new single drops, the internet reacts quickly with parodies and memes.

I’m not a big fan of Drake’s new single Hotline Bling so this Avengers mash-up summed up my feelings perfectly.

Favourite Magazine Cover: Women’s Health-Bonang Matheba

I’m a big fan of the magazine and am in love with new issue featuring Queen B aka Bonang Matheba. The media all-star looks smoking hot, I love yellow on her. She looks stunning, go Bonang!

Favourite earrings: Lovisa

Sterling silver cuff earrings available at Lovisa for R350.

The Australian accessories store has expanded their sterling silver range  which I love. I prefer to wear jewellery that lasts long and isn’t afraid of getting wet.

I recently bought these cuff earrings and definite winner for summer accessories. Edgy yet simple!

Favourite Last minute ideas: Buzzfeed


A jellyfish.

If you’re like me and have no idea how to dress for a Halloween party, then Buzzfeed is your best friend.  With simple ideas and things around the house, you won’t look out of place at the party.

Bonus that you didn’t have spend much moola either! See here for more ideas.

Have a great weekend and share your thoughts with me in comments section or tweet me @heartnikita.

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