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Food Network presents Jenny & Reza’s Fabulous Food Academy. The show promises fun, entertainment and many tips with Food Network favourite’s Jenny Morris and Reza Mahammad. The two chefs present a culinary academy for eager students to learn how easy it can be to cook delicious dishes. Each episode has different students from couples, to comedians.

As part of the invited guests and media, I had a snippet of how it feels to cook under the guidance of Jenny and Reza.

It was a first that we all had to cook our own starter dishes for the day. I won’t lie, I was intimated by the dish as we had to cook salmon and tuna. I’m always wary about cooking fish because I don’t actually know how to cook it.

Under the watchful eye of Jenny and Reza, we could do no wrong in the kitchen.

With all pans, utensils and raw fish ready to sizzle at our workstation, it was hard not to be nervous.

Wouldn’t something this raw scare you?

As the kitchen sizzled and the aromas filled the air, I realised that Reza and Jenny showed us how easy it is to cook. With their knowledge and expertise, the duo easily put everyone at ease and we experienced a little taste of The Fabulous Food Academy.


After we each plated our dishes, I think we deserved flying colours for our masterpiece of a starter.

Thankfully the stress was off us for the remainder of the afternoon while we enjoyed the menu comprising of Jenny and Reza’s dishes from the show.

Butternut phyllo pastry tart

I came realise that my fear in cooking certain dishes is understandable . But as Jenny and Reza explained, “if you can read you can cook”.

So with their skills in The Fabulous Food Academy, they show just how easy cooking delicious meals are done.

Watch Jenny and Reza weekdays at 17:00 on The Food Network channel 175 on DStv.

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