BBC Lifestyle’s #SABakeOff Finale

BBC Lifestyle #SABakeOff
Who will be the winner?

Soon we’ll find out who will be crowned the winner of The Great South African Bake Off.  Who will it be? Cait, Nasreen or Carol?

The ladies impressed the judges Shirley Guy and Tjaart Walraven to the end as they will bake for one last time in the tent. I admire the skills these amateur bakers possess as baking is not  one of my strengths. I’m more of a consumer of baked goods as long as someone else bakes for me.

I thought I’d try made hand at #biscuitweek with Cait’s Coffee, Chocolate Hazelnut Cookie Sandwiches. 

Cait’s delicious sandwich cookies.

As delicious as they looked, I crossed my fingers and  muttered to myself “What would a baker do?” as I stared at the picture.

A good start is always at the beginning so with the recipe in my hand I gathered all the ingredients and realised that I was missing a sieve.  Seriously? How have I lived over the past couple of years in my own home without a sieve. After a trip to the store and my sieve  in hand I was ready to create Cait’s  #biscuitweek recipe.

I was proud of myself as I managed to make the biscuit batter. I was excited about my first achievement that I thought I’d take it a step further and use the borrowed cookie cutters. I thought a festive cookie for the festive season would be my personal touch.

My little high didn’t last long  when I pulled my tray out of the oven. I discovered that the cookies were all burnt. So I quickly destroyed the evidence so I wouldn’t do a disservice to Cait’s recipe.

Luckily the next bunch came out perfectly and I did pat myself on my back. It was the first time I’ve ever baked cookies.

Despite eating half of the chocolate hazelnut filling that I couldn’t get enough of, I made my sandwich cookies.  I think Cait would be proud.

Finally, it all came together.

If I was in the Great South African Bake Off, I don’t  think I’d  make the cut with my burnt biscuits.  But so far my judges at home enjoyed my second attempt or at least that’s what they said.

Enough about my baking, watch The Great South African Bake Off tonight at 20:00 on BBC Lifestyle channel 174 on DStv 



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