To my darling: Month 6

Photo by: Jenna-Leigh Storey Styled by: N. Camacho

To my darling Adriana,

Who pushed the fast-forward button? I know for sure it wasn’t me or your father. It must have been you as you steadily sat up on your own as you reached out for your toy.

This month has been eventful that I often found myself scurrying off to record every milestone in your baby book. I’ve tried to be diligent about it.

If you’re not sleeping, you want to sit everywhere, in the bath, on the couch, in your bed.

Starting off with your bed, I finally built up the courage to extend your moses crib into a full-sized cot. I did shed a tear on the last night I put you to bed. It was a big reality check that you had officially outgrown it. I must admit that a little bit of fear was in the mix as you’d  try to sit up in your bed.  Thankfully you’re only mastering this now.

I must say that you have impeccable timing too. Your first tooth popped through on your  Papa’s birthday!  Followed by the second tooth the next day.

Now you’re laughing over anything that tickles your heart. You laugh as you watch the dogs run around; when we dance around the room and as I play the fool pulling funny faces.

Now you are getting ticklish. You laugh and laugh as I kiss your back. You squirm in delight as I do it.

Everyone that loves you, has been spoiling you with early Christmas gifts, so much so that I don’t have buy any clothing for sometime. With your first Christmas coming up, we are giddy with excitement. You “helped” put up the Christmas with your Papa, you loved touching the branches as they sprung from your fingers. The Christmas lights fascinate you.  Watching the pure joy in your eyes was priceless.

We have the family coming over for Christmas day.  We can’t wait to make your Christmas extra special.

Just remember you are the best gift ever!

I love you my darling <3






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