World Teachers Day with Uber Eats

World Teachers Day is 5 October to recognise the hard work that teachers around the world put it to educate the youth. The holiday was first inducted by UNESCO in 1994.

Often it is a profession that is overlooked and an under appreciated yet we do not realise the long-term effects teachers have on us.

Do you remember your teachers at school? I do.

The teachers I had were inspiring, dedicated and people that I could rely on while growing up.  They were my biggest cheerleaders and a great support system.

I also had the greatest laughs at school with belly-aching laughs. I remember in high school, I was in maths class. There was an earth tremor and the building shook. The teacher, Mr F,  was frightened as we all were but then a ceiling tile (made of chipboard) fell off and just missed his head. His reaction had me in stitches, I tried to conceal my laughter but he saw me. Mr F joked on how I summoned the tile to fall down on him to put an end to the maths lesson.

Jokes aside, I have grown to understand the countless hours that teachers put into their jobs for the sake of their learners. As reliable as teachers are, let us say thank you to teachers for their unwavering support and work to help create the inventors, leaders, politicians and doctors of the future.

Uber Eats is the go-to app to help teachers with meals, essentials and groceries with the tap of a button. So that teachers need not stress about “What’s for supper?” or a grocery run after busy day at school.

When I am knee-deep in marking and need something to eat, Uber Eats is my go-to.  I schedule my order to coincide with my timetable and meet the driver on the curb with the customisable drop-off option.

This World Teachers Day, share with me your memorable moments of a teacher or of you being a teacher.

Maybe you gave a child the wrong exam? No jokes, I did that 😂

Maybe you used to hide in the cupboard away from your teacher?

Share with me your best memory of your favourite teacher in the comments section and the deserving teacher can win an Uber Eats voucher valued at R1000.

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