Uber’s Tech For Safety Summit

Uber's Tech for Safety Summit
Photo supplied. Redi Tlhabi emceed Uber’s Tech for Safety Summit

Uber held their second annual Tech For Safety Summit. It was my first time attending the event.

As an avid user of Uber, it is incredible to reflect on the global impact and especially in the African landscape. The taxi-hailing app continues to spread throughout the continent and recently celebrated its seventh year on South African soil.

The aim of the summit, together with panelists consisting of Africa’s innovators, leaders, educators, and more, they discussed issues facing our communities, cities,  and countries across Africa.

Photo supplied. Redi Tlhabi emceed Uber's Tech for Safety Summit

As a continent, we are faced with safety concerns.  However, with the use of technology for safety, we are able to curb the dangers that we are faced with on a daily basis from road accidents to human trafficking.

Technology continues to advance leaps and bounds to the point that it can be used to create safer cities. When Uber surveyed people with the question of “What would they like for the future of their cities?”. The majority answered that they wanted safer cities which I am sure it is something we all agree on.

During the global pandemic, naturally, every industry has had to adhere to the COVID-19 protocols as advised by the WHO (World Health Organisation) and the government. Hailing an Uber taxi is no different, as there are strict protocols such as drivers and passengers always need to wear a mask. Passengers need to sit away from the driver and open the passenger window for more ventilation. Cars are cleaned for the safety of passengers.

Photo supplied. Redi Tlhabi emceed Uber's Tech for Safety Summit

Uber Eats follows the same strict rules in addition to the “Leave at door” option which users can select should they feel uncomfortable making contact with the driver.

The keynote speaker of the event, Uber’s Tech For Safety Summit was Michael Jordaan, one of South Africa’s renowned innovators. Jordaan gave advice for start-ups and for anyone looking to create the next big thing. It is key to identify the problems that people have and how to actually deliver solutions to these problems.

Whether we like it or not, technology has immersed itself in our lives now more than ever from online banking to remote learning. I do believe that the major takeaway from Uber’s Tech For Safety Summit is that together with all the technological advances that we have, we can create a safer lifestyle for all but what is needed is active global participation from all citizens for the safekeeping of all.

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